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berlinerförderp rogramm künstle rischeforschung



Freitag, 7. Mai 2021 | Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7 May–16 May, 1pm-8pm

Photo: Ilke Penzlien

AudioResources  with Rheim Alkadhi, Mareike Bernien & Alex Gerbaulet, Marianna Christofides, Anke Dyes, Maria Eichhorn, Fehras Publishing Practices, Hermann Heisig, Miriam Jakob & Jana Unmüßig, Christoph Keller, Katrin Mayer, Kamila & Jasmina Metwaly, Doireann O’Malley with Armin Lorenz Gerold, Stefan Römer, Anna Zett.

The Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme presents itself to the public via a series of sound interventions at the site it presently occupies, a storefront at Haus der Statistik, part of the architectural ensemble of the city center of the former East Berlin that is currently undergoing fundamental reconstruction.

Visitors are invited to the vast urban sidewalk terrace at Otto-Braun-Strasse 70–72, in front of the building’s ghostlike carcass, to experience via headphones the subtle overlays of soundscapes created by the participating artists, with the surrounding resonances. The space itself is left visually empty, functioning as a membrane between inside and outside.

In this presentation, artistic research may be perceived as a contextual proposition, drawing on different disciplines, lifeforms, and lines of thought, rendered accessible here in audible form. This is where contributions from very different places, times and circumstances meet, orders of use aren’t tied into one logic and choices may turn into resources.

A section of publications offers further insights into the practice and artistic research of the programme’s fellows. 

Initiated by Rike Frank and Christoph Keller

Sound production: Alexander Bornschein

Visitors have to provide a negative antigen test result.