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Dora García: Amor Rojo
Knowledge Ties #3

Montag, 26. Juni 2023 | 20:00

Dora García, Amor Rojo, 2023

Amor Rojo
Dora García, BE/NO 2023, 91 Min. HD, color, 16:9, Spanish with English subtitles

Conversation with Dora García, Barbara Marcel and Rike Frank

Amor Rojo (Red Love) uses the figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), a Marxist theorist and Soviet revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist, as a guide to walk the labyrinth of female freedom, sexual emancipation, and love as weapon. The film seeks to make the necessary connections in a complex narrative bridging an ocean from Moscow to Mexico, from 20th Century socialist feminism to 21st Century Latin American transfeminisms, from the promise of revolution to the final fulfillment of that promise.
After the screening, Dora García will enter into conversation with fellow Barbara Marcel and Rike Frank. This event will take place in dialogue with Knowledge Ties #4: HUMO SOBRE LOS HUMEDALES on 27 June.

Dora García has developed works on the GDR Political police, on the comedian Lenny Bruce or on the rhizomatic associations of antipsychiatry. She has used classical TV formats to research Germany’s most recent history, frequented Finnegans Wake reading groups, created meeting points for voice hearers and researched the crossover between performance and psychoanalysis.

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