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künstlerische forschung berliner förderprogramm


Anna Zett & Hermann Heisig

Freitag, 25. September 2020 | 19 Uhr

Resonanz Pleinair, Participatory rehearsal in Chemnitz 2020

With Jule Flierl & Kristof Trakal as performative co-researchers

Spacial design: WKC

Under the title RESONANZ the artist and writer Anna Zett and the choreographer Hermann Heisig are developing an improvisational format for varying participants and guests. Using verbal and non-verbal means the group explores practices of remembering and forgetting in relation to the socialist state GDR (German Democratic Republic) from its construction to its fall, towards the present. In a kind of game play, fictional stories are told, continued, interrupted, put into motion. The emphasis is not on the personal story of the participant, but on the embodied practices of asking, answering, opposing, witnessing, processing.

On Sept 25th the artists and their co-researchers will present this project in action, adapting the format to a participatory* artist talk.

*Audience participation optional