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Jasmina & Kamila Metwaly
Voice of the wind is not a metaphor

Donnerstag, 24. September 2020 | 19 Uhr

In this research, we attempt to re-learn how to use our voices, and how to listen to the multimodal uniqueness of voice. We look at the broader concept of voice, through the vocal and the physiological (that which emanates from the body); through voice as a mode of self-expression, and lastly, through voice as a connection to politics through democracy (via votes given in parliaments or assemblies or the issuing of commands or protests). To expand, we look at the voice as a position from a political activist viewpoint, and as a physical dimension of the body.

With special guest: Ute Wassermann, a vocal and sound artist, composer and performer whose improvisation techniques span from bird or wind whistles to kutu wapa and mirliton, amongst many other extraordinary vocal vibrancies.